Keep Your Cool

15 Feb

In a country like Singapore with hot and humid conditions all round the year, an aircon is an essential appliance at home and office. Where would you go to buy your aircon? Is it not better to go to someone who is an expert in aircon service than to go to one who only sells it? JK Aircon Specialist has been in the job of aircon servicing for a long time and is a trusted name in the business. Many households and offices have benefited from our expert service.

JK Aircon is also in the business of selling air-conditioners. We are dealers for many leading brands of aircon like LG, Toshiba and Mitsubishi. We have in stock a wide variety of aircon that will suit your needs. Whether it is an office or a house we can satisfy all your aircon needs. We are a leading company in air conditioner sale. Our company also has very good offers on many of the aircon. Visit our showroom to see for yourself and know the best deals. You can also see the products and offers on our online store. We sell all types of aircon – window, split, casement and portable. Check with us on the range of aircon for sale.

JK doesn’t stop with selling of aircon. We are expert services of all kinds of air-conditioners. We do installation of aircon at your house or in companies. Our regular maintenance services are quite affordably priced. Our cleaning services include antibacterial steam cleaning, chemical steam cleaning and chemical overhaul cleaning.

We also top up the cooling gas as and when required. You may call JK Aircon Specialist for new aircon and for aircon servicing your outside condenser unit is where the maximum dust and mud accumulates. We clean your condenser unit with high pressure steam jet.

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